WWE 2K18 Showcase Mode: 3 Potential Superstar Modes We Might See

WWE is one of the most popular games in the real world. And it is quite natural that in the virtual world also there will be the excitement of equal intensity among the fans. That can be clearly seen among the fans since the announcement of the game. In fact, there have been discussions going on among the fans constantly regarding the new features which are going to come in the new edition of the game. And in that list, it is the WWE 2K18 Showcase Mode which has the best chance of making it to the game eventually.

And when it comes to the Showcase Mode in WWE 2K18, the fans have lots of expectations. This is because of the fact that it is one of the most popular features among the fans. And in the following section, we have enlisted 3 probable superstar modes which have high potential of coming in as a part of the Showcase Mode of WWE 2K18.

Showcase mode of NBA 2k18

WWE 2k18 Showcase Mode

  1. Brock Lesnar Beast Mode

Brock Lesnar, aka The Beast, has been one of the fan favorites for a long time. And it would be a huge surprise if there is no particular showcase mode dedicated to him. It is true that the talismanic figure in the field of freestyle wrestling is going through a rough patch, but it is the history of his performance that makes him one of the potential figures who will have a dedicated storyline in the WWE 2K18 Showcase mode.

  1. The Undertaker’s Journey to the Hall of Fame

It came as a real shock to most of the fans of WWE saw The Undertaker losing out to Roman Reigns at the WWE Wrestlemania’33. And it is believed that it is going to be the end of the road for the Deadman. In that case, he is going to find a place in the Hall of Fame of the game as well. And it is here where we might come across a storyline in the Showcase Mode for The Undertaker. Surely it would be really interesting to find out how the story shapes up.

  1. Kurt Angle’s Career

Kurt Angle has been in the news for quite some time. First of all, he is reportedly making a comeback to the real life sport. And secondly, he has been selected as the pre-order bonus character for the WWE 2K18 game. So it would be a real shock to see such a heavyweight figure getting omitted in this exclusive feature of the game.

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Final Words

The game is going to be officially unveiled on October 17. So we need to wait for the time being. And once we arrive at the release date of the game, we will be able to come across how the WWE 2K18 Showcase Mode has shaped. Till then, stay tuned.

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