Passing the Message On: HAES Facilitators’ Training

The liberating message of Health at Every Size® is a unique approach to self-care and social justice. And the 5-day HAES-Facilitator Training is like no other workshop in empowering its participants to share (and experience!) transformative ideas. Join HAES experts Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor to explore, understand, and effectively practice this life-changing way to reclaim our bodies and live life more fully and build a fairer world – and develop your skills to educate and inspire others.

Are your clients frightened of food, weary of advice, feeling helpless to change the future? Are you seeking new ways to be with them and foster hope, confidence and self-care?

Health at Every Size and the HAES Facilitator Training Workshop address those needs. Whether you work independently, for a small clinic or a large hospital, you will come away from this workshop energized and equipped to share HAES theory with clients and colleagues through methods that are:

  • grounded in self-discovery;
  • powered by data and experience showing that all people can live healthy or healthier lives in the bodies they’re in;
  • built on self-nurturing as the basis for how we eat, exercise, and regard our bodies; and
  • committed to advancing social justice through politicizing health and body hatred.

This intensive, interactive training with Linda and Lucy will prepare you to motivate patients and clients with the powerful message that it’s okay to care for oneself, enjoy food again, and rediscover pleasure in our bodies, no matter how they’re shaped. As a trained HAES facilitator, you’ll have the education, knowledge, and confidence to inspire clients to respect themselves and pursue nourishing relationships.

Through their trainings, talks and writings – including peer-reviewed articles, the best-selling Health at Every Size book, and the newly released Body Respect book – Linda and Lucy have brought these empowering messages to thousands and have directly helped hundreds of individuals to transition from weight-hate to body appreciation and from powerlessness to empowerment.

Expect a fun, exciting and transformative 5 days that will progress from self-discovery and internal growth to being able to inspire that in others. Empower clients to enjoy food and movement and develop nourishing relationships.

Linda and Lucy demonstrate how to go beyond HAES as a self-help strategy and harness its transformative agenda in this unique workshop as they:

  • teach HAES principles,
  • use whole body learning,
  • help you engage and inspire group members,
  • teach you how to incorporate key principles of compassion, empowerment and a relational world view into group work,
  • show you how to integrate data on social determinants of health into your work with clients,
  • inspire ideas for group activities encouraging critical thinking,
  • develop your confidence and presence,
  • develop community that can support you beyond the workshop,
  • and much more!

All types of health care professionals, at all levels are invited to attend.

Additional Information

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