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iOS 11 Will Come With One Great Siri Update

The iOS 11 is highly among the most highly anticipated Apple releases this year. It is supposed to launch along with the Apple’s next flagship smartphone that could either be the iPhone 7S of the iPhone 8. There are lots of hopes surround during the next iOS, and according to some rumors, the iOS 11 will be bringing in a handful of new things to the plate which includes, a smarter and better, Siri. There are several ways more rumors about the iOS 11 could possibly come with, and we are going to discuss those too. Try not to get too excited.

To recall, the iOS was first launched with Apple’s first iPhone back in 2007. By early 2017, Apple Store contains over 2.2 million iOS apps and out of these 1 million are native apps. These apps have been collectively downloaded over 130 million times. The future of iOS is pretty bright.

It is being speculated that the new OS will feature an updated Siri and that there are going to be several things to look forward to in the new Siri. First, off the Siri of iOS 11 is expected to be natural sounding and smarter. By natural sounding we mean, it would feel like you are interacting with a real person instead of an AI. The only way to achieve this is to bring in smarter and more natural sounding AI. This is a pretty good move because Samsung is bringing in Bixby, a Samsung developed AI which is all the market can talk about right now. Apple needs to up its game with Siri or risk becoming old fashioned and unwanted.

In recent months, the Google, Amazon, Microsoft, as well as other have focused much on their Artificial Intelligence which is something Apple has comparatively lagged behind in. So driving focus back to the Artificial Intelligence would be a good idea. We have got reports that Siri’s message integration works similar to that of the Google Assistant called the Google Allo. That’s good as it’ll help save time and help you do a handful of things, which will be something extremely useful in the lives of users. For instance, if you are discussing dinner, Siri could be suggesting food joints and restaurants for you and therefore save you the time of having to search one.

We have also heard that the iCloud will be different for the better, more responsive, which is great. The integration with iCloud will enable Siri to identify all devices linked to an Apple ID. By doing this, the user will be offered actions and responses across the iOS devices and macOS. Also checl all infomation about upcoming ios 13.

One of the other things that we are looking forward to is the alleged Dark Mode the iOS 11 will be offering. The dark mode is something that we have been asking from Siri for several years now. In fact, the early beta version of iOS 10 had a night mode that got everyone excited and expecting that the operating system would finally bring in the mode we all had been wanting to have. That’s all that we have for the iOS 11. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple’s upcoming operating system. do not forget to download ios 11 beta in June.