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Fallout 5 News Drags Us to 3 Wishlist Features!

Ever since Fallout 4 was available for hardcore fans, they have evidently shared their experience with the action RPG. On numerous counts, Fallout 4 gameplay has been appreciated with the inclusion of exploration opportunity offering an open world setting along with an impressive narrative.  Regardless all hopes and dreams, Fallout 5 news was officially absent from Bethesda’s E3 2017 conference. Apparently, by this, there’s a close hint that gamers have to wait long for Fallout 5 to be announced officially by devs.

Fallout 5 News: 3 Wishlist Features

While Fallout 5 news is currently into the rumor mill, it is understandable for fans to take a look on the expected wishlists that might get unveiled whenever we witness another Fallout game, supposedly in the near future. Also check the latest news about gta 7 game.


  • The Karma System was noticeably absent in the latest Fallout 4 game. While the removal of this particular system carried along an interesting gameplay, there is room for improvement when we concerned with the upcoming Fallout 5. The reputation system of Fallout New Vegas should be included with the allowance of not only the moral ratings but also an inclusion of faction ratings. However, with this there would be a build in replay ability as gamers might play via the questline; thus improvising their relations with factions in the wasteland.
  • Games including Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4, all were designed on Bethesda’s Creation engine; giving us a close hint that all games shared an identical engine in the mid-2000s despite being next generation installments. Time has come where Bethesda need to develop a brand new engine for the upcoming Fallout 5 to get formulated in an improvised manner. With this, Fallout 5 news will get updated with the game giving a fresh coat of paint upgrading the technical as well as graphical capabilities of the game.
  • With Fallout 4 gamers have been offered with a denser map that witnessed close range travel. Undoubtedly, these are some of the uniqueness that was brought by Fallout 4 gameplay. But it is undeniable not to state Fallout 3, and New Vegas maps to be larger where more things would spread out. Thus, gamers definitely want an inclusion of Fallout 5 news to be compacted with a comparatively larger map.

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The Ending Words

Fallout 5 news is currently pending of official announcements. But with due respect to developers, the game might get some updates shortly, after Bethesda confirms the making of the game. Till then here’s finger crossed waiting for the next-gen experience with the unveiling of Fallout 5.