PlayStation 5 To Be The Biggest Gaming Console Ever

PlayStation 5 promises to be the biggest gaming console ever. Let’s see whether its features can confirm that or not!

The online fandom community is everyday bringing up rumors over internet. Going by the updated rumors, the fifth edition of the popular gaming console will be powered by a humongous 10+ teraflop of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This news has been given by Damian Thong, a Macquarie Research’s analyst. All these refer that it will have 6 teraflops of GPU more than the Scorpio counterpart.

Game enthusiasts across the world have been thinking as to whether the upcoming edition will be able to match the success of its predecessors, ever since its announcement. Tiago Sousa, lead renderer programmer at ID software has made it pretty clear that six teraflops of power of 4k gaming is just a waste of resource. According to him, the same computing power could be used for efficient fidelity gaming in 1080P rather than destroying it to achieve 4k gaming.

The cost of PS 5 is being roughly being speculated to be somewhere around $500.

Current reports suggest that the console will offer two models, each having their own varied specifications. Reportedly, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 6 will be one of the first games to be launched for PS 5.

Playstation comprises of four home video game consoles, apart from a media center, two handhelds, an online service, a lone of controllers, and a phone as well as magazines, was created and is currently owned since December 3, 1994 by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Besides, Yoshida has also further mentioned that there is a good reason to have the PS5 so developers can create their vision. Meanwhile, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc, has also confirmed that the future of PlayStation 5 is completely up to its developers. He has also said that if they still feel that they need more machine power, then they would need to realize this, although they can’t do it with PS4. This puts aside rumors that the multinational conglomerate corporation will not launch PlayStation 5 before 2020. Sony is expected to release the console not before 2019 or 2020. As per previous reports, it was said that it will get launched next year in 2018. The Japanese company has not confirmed it by any official statements so far, but as per current reports, Sony Playstation 5 will be significantly different and way improved than its previous counterpart, Playstation 4.

In 2013, PlayStation 4 was launched and it was the fastest selling console in gaming history when and in its first day of sale, it sold around 1 million consoles. PlayStation enthusiasts have something to look forward to as Playstation 5 will provide an original 4K support while also providing Virtual Reality (VR) headset at the same time.

Playstation 5 will be greater than the Xbox Project Scorpio, as per Macquarie Research.

American multinational technology company Microsoft will release Xbox Project Scorpio by the end of this year. They have stated that it will be the biggest console ever built and it will be the final generation of video game consoling.

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