FIFA 18 vs PES 18: EA Still a Notch Above Its Prime Competitor

The FIFA franchise has always been one of the most popular sports video game. In the recent past, we have a number of new titles which have given FIFA a good competition lately. One of those is the PES franchise. With the FIFA 18 launch date already there is a lot of information making around what’s going to come in the game. But we expect there is going to be an announcement soon regarding PES 18 (although the release date has been finalized). And before that, we bring forward a write-up on FIFA 18 vs PES 18.

Online Mode

EA Sports has mentioned nothing much about the online modes of the game other than the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The same goes with PES 18. But when it comes down to FIFA 18 vs PES 18, we can derive from previous experiences that in this section FIFA 18 is going to get an upperhand undoubtedly. This is because we have often seen that the servers are not reliable and unsafe. But that’s never the case with FIFA. So even if the developer of the PES 18 brings an upgrade, it will be difficult to beat FIFA 18 here. So in the first round of FIFA 18 vs PES 18, it’s FIFA 18 who is leading.

The Different Modes

Both FIFA 18 and PES 18 are going to retain most of the various gameplay features which could be spotted in the earlier editions of both the games. And if nothing new comes in, this round in the FIFA 18 vs PES 18 encounter as well, EA Sports will get the nod ahead of Konami. And that is simply due to the FIFA 18 Journey Mode. Gamers had never come across anything like this before EA brought it in FIFA 17. And the trailer which has been released has made sure that it will get even bigger in FIFA 18. But nothing like that is expected to come in PES 18. Naturally, the winner is FIFA 18.


It is beyond any doubt that one of the most important aspects of a video game is its graphics. And here it can be stated that it’s pretty balanced. There are few things which will be better in FIFA 18, like the stadiums and fans; while few things are bound to be there which will be better in PES 18, like player faces and detailing of the complexion, etc. So it’s pretty even-Stevens in this round of the battle between FIFA 18 and PES 18.

Final Words

Both the games – FIFA 18 and PES 18 will hit the market in the month of September. We can get an idea of how it is going to be once these come out and that will make the FIFA 18 vs PES 18 encounter even more attractive. Till then, stay tuned.

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