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3 Best Hiking Gloves of 2018 To Keep You Warm and Dry On A Trek

The worst thing to face while on a trek in the mountains is cold hands and fingers. It would make your fingers numb and as a result you would lose grip. To avoid that from happening you should always keep a set of hiking gloves with you to keep your hands warm and cozy in extreme cold weather. In this guide, we are going to provide you a list of the 3 best hiking gloves of 2018 to make sure you stay warm and dry at all times.

3 Best Hiking Gloves of 2018: What is Important?

Before you decide to buy a pair of hiking gloves for trekking and hiking activities, you need to keep in mind a few points which we are going to discuss here. First, you need to check the insulating material used to make the gloves. While polyster or synthetic gloves provide more warmth and are also water-resistant in nature, woolen gloves do not provide much warmth in harsh climates and are neither waterproof in nature. Second, you need to check the lining of the gloves. It is one of the most important part of the glove assembly. It is the lining that keeps the moisture away from your hands and keep it dry. Finally, you should also check whether you are comfortable wearing that particular set of gloves. If it does not fit your hands properly, you may feel very uncomfortable.

Now let us take a look at the 3 best hiking gloves of 2018 we have to offer

3 Best Hiking Gloves of 2018: Our List

Here are the 3 best hiking gloves of 2018. Make your choice after checking them out

  • Outdoor Research Alti: These gloves are the warmest of all and are perfect for very cold and harsh climatic conditions. The insulation is of a thick layer of synthetic PrimaLoft material. These are also waterproof which means you do not need to change them in rainy weather.
  • Black Diamond Soloist: These gloves are most suitable for alpine climbers and hikers who love to go on long treks in winter. The shell is made up of Pertex Shield material that provides good breathability and warmth at the same time. The palm of the shell is made of goat leather and uses heavy stitching for better durability.
  • Mountain Hardware Torsion Gloves: These gloves are very sturdy, warm and light weight. The shell is made up of water resistant material providing good protection against both snow and rain. The palm is made up of goat skin leather which is going to keep you warm even in rainy weather. These gloves are also equipped with pull-on loops and adjustable linings.

Wrap Up

We hope you liked our guide to the 3 best hiking gloves of 2018 and have made your choice by now. You may let us know which one you found the best in the comments section below. Share this guide with your friends if you like it.